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Windows SNMP

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eventcmd.execommand line tool to configure the SNMP event translator
eventwin.exeapplication / user interface for configuring SNMP event translator
mibcc.exeSNMP MIB Compiler
snmputil.exeSample SNMP Manager console application

Essential  SNMP Files

dhcpmib.dllDCHP MIB. Only used on DHCP servers
eventagnt.dllSNMP Event Translator. Translates event logs into SNMP traps.
hostmib.dllImplements the Host Resources MIB
lmmib2.dllImplements LAN Manger MIB-II
mgmtapi.dllMicrosoft SNMP manager library. API allows snmp manager applications to listen for snmp manager requests, send requests, and receive responses from SNMP agents.
mib.bincompiled MIB information for mgmtapi.dll
snmp.exeA Service. The master agent that receives SNMP requests and delivers to the appropirate DLL.
snmpapi.dllsnmp utilities used by snmp extension agents and manager applications. Contains framework for developing extension agent DLLs.
snmpsnap.dllSNMP trap services. Receives SNMP traps and forwards them to SNMP managers
winsmib.dllMicrosoft-defined WINS mib. Installed only on WINS servers.
wsnmp32.dllThis API allows SNMP manager applications to "listen" for SNMP manager requests, and send requests to and receive responses from SNMP agents.

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