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AIX Power Diagrams for Trouble-Shooting

June 26th, 2017 Comments off

Draw a Picture

Drawing a diagram is one of the best ways to reduce the complexity of a problem. This is especially true in the case of trouble-shooting issues with IBM Power Systems.  The following set of diagrams are templates–of a sort–that can be used to aid in resolving LPM and Network issues.  I  go to extreme detail when working with clients where I engage multiple support teams (such as system and network administrators).  The diagrams serve as a big picture among groups that may not have shared information.

General Overview of Power Frames: Components

The following diagram shows a likely scenario: multiple frames, redundant VIOS servers, multiple SEAs (NIB setup not shown), and redundant HMCs.

Physical Adapters, SEAs and VLANs

The following diagram drills deeper into the VIOs, showing the relationship between physical adapters that make up an Etherchannel,  SEAs, and VLANs.

Big Picture

Finally, we add the LPARS and IP address spaces belonging to the VLANs.   Useful commands like lsdev -Ccadapter and entstat -d <SEA>  reveal the information contained in the diagram.


I encourage system administrators to draw these types of diagrams and include the necessary details to engage other department teams: other administrators,  network administrators, and application developers.

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